The Charlie Cookson Foundation


Why we do what we do…

All children diagnosed with a life-limiting condition will share the prognosis of a shortened life-expectancy. Children will often require life-long medication, and may need to have invasive medical procedures to help control symptoms, relieve pain, and slow disease progression.

Some children will also require the assistance of medical devices to compensate for the failure of their body being to weak. Although children will spend much time at hospital during their life and may have complex health care needs, the majority of children and young people will live at home, cared for so intensely by their parents because of the range of organisations involved and the changing nature of care needs over a child’s lifespan.

Consequently, the care and additional support that children with life-limiting conditions and their families need is significant and wide ranging. The most worrying of them all being the great financial struggles these families face when caring for a child with a life limiting condition.

The Charlie Cookson Foundation aims to enhance a child’s quality of life through financially supporting their families, paying their bills and allowing parents the opportunity to be with their child making memories they can treasure forever.

Through adopting a very holistic approach to providing financial support for the whole family when they need it most, this is proving to be of great impact upon all families we have been privileged to support so far and this has all be possible because of the huge part our remarkable supporters and volunteers have played.

We ask you all to please put yourself in the place of these families for just one minute and then you will feel an overall gratitude of how difficult life can become for some families and also great pride in knowing you helped us make a difference.

Much love and thanks to you all xxx