The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Thank you Jess and Julie Thompson

******* What a way to celebrate your 20th Birthday!!!! *******

The amazing Jessica Thompson along with her mother Julie Thompson will be taking part in the Great North Run this year for the first time all in aid of the Charlie Cookson Foundation.

Jessica’s mum Julie will be pushing Jessica in her wheel chair the whole way and it just so happens that on the day of the run will also be the day Jessica celebrates her 20th Birthday. Jessica has decided to also go that extra mile for CCF and try to walk the last few steps over that finish line.

Jessica has Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS) which is a connective tissue disorder, her collagen is faulty. It’s a genetic condition. Jessica has hyper mobility EDS.

You have collagen all over your body which acts like glue keeping everything together so because Jess’s is faulty it causes lots of issues including subluxations and dislocations, this happens regularly to Jess’s hips, knees, shoulders and ankles. It also causes problems with your internal organs so Jess has gastroparesis.

It also causes issues with your autonomic system so she also has a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome which means when she moves positions her heart rate increases, her blood pressure drops and she collapses.

Jessica’s incredible story will soon feature not only in our local Shields Gazette but also on local TV Channel Made in Tyne and Wear. We wish Jessica and her Mum the very best of luck and send them many many thanks for the incredible challenge they are taking on all in aid of raising vital funds for the parents caring for seriously ill children with life limiting conditions.

Huge Good luck to them both along with all our other incredible CCF Runners this weekend running with CCF in their hearts xxx