The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Thank you Helen Telford

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!

At the Dance for Charlie Freestyle Trophy Day, you all raised an AMAZING £1700.93…this amount could be used for example…. to pay three months rent for one of our CCF Families who are struggling and are unable to deal with the red letters as their child is in PICU, this is a regular scenario for our families.

Thank you so much to Helen Telford and her team for making the day such a huge success. The trophies WOW!! The decorations WOW!!! The Prizes WOW!!!

The support from all of the following has been just incredible!!!

Special thanks to the Adjudicators for giving their extra donation.

Thank you to Joanne Mawston-Lowe for keeping the day running so well.

Thank you to Victoria Emery-Scott for your fantastic scrutinizing and to Thomas O’connor for some excellent music.

Thank you to Tiffany Jade Fenwick for sponsoring fast winners.

Thank you to Lianne Knowles for sponsoring Tops Of and to Stephen Dodds for sponsoring the Dance for Charlie Grand Prix

Thank you to Hannah Todd for sponsoring the Charlie Cookson Memorial Trophy. Huge Well Done to the winner, the lovely Kasie Walker, you will always have a little bit if Charlie in your home.

and last but by no means least huge thank you to our runners who did an excellent job, all the professionals for their support and huge donations to the foundation, all the parents for your dedication to freestyle and to the dancers for an exceptional day of dancing.

Myself and Christopher Cookson loved speaking to you all about our Angel Charlie and the work CCF does, but I have to say the special moments were the children, who came to us and said they were dancing for angel Charlie, the pictures and messages they gave us and to those big-hearted young ladies and children who donated their prize money to CCF.

Lots of love to you all, thank you all so much helping CCF change the lives of families who battle each day to keep their sick child safe.