The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Thank You Formica For Choosing The Charlie Cookson Foundation

We were delighted to receive a cheque in the post from Formica for a fantastic £250.00! Thank you to all of Staff and the Management for choosing CCF as one the charities they would like to support.

Your support is vital to us to continue to financially support the parents who care 24/7 for their sick child who is suffering a life limiting condition.  To give you an understanding of how appreciated your £250.00 donation is…..not so long ago CCF paid one of our CCF Families electricity bill of £260 which was in arrears due to no wage coming in.  They suffered increased electricity charges to keep their sick child’s life saving equipment charged up! Our supporters and businesses like Formica continuing to support CCF will allow us to continue to support inspirational families who are suffering deep heartache everyday.

Thank you so much Formica!