The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Thank you for your standing orders

Huge thanks to our amazing supporters who choose to donate via standing order each month. Without your continuous support we would not be able to continue in financially supporting the parents of seriously ill children with life limiting conditions. 

As we all go about our very busy lives, we will pay for car parking, we will buy our lunch, we will fill our cars, we will pay for public transport…all of this makes you think…eeesh £1 does not go very far these days!!

When you are unable to work as you care 24/7 for your sick child… you still have to financially get by each day and stretching that £1 becomes even harder.

However our £1’s together can make £100’s…then make £1000’s. If just half of our facebook followers donate £1 via standing order every month within 6 months you would have all supported one of our CCF families….now that is £1 being used to make a huge difference to parents who care 24/7 for their sick child suffering a life-limiting condition.


If you would like to set up a small donation every month to our foundation here are the details you need;

The Charlie Cookson Foundation Ltd
Account Number: 93961567
Sort Code: 20-83-69

Thank you all for your continuous amazing support!