The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Our 50th CCF Family

We are exceptionally proud to announce that we have supported our 50th CCF family !!!!! We are bursting with pride to reach this milestone and we could not have done any of this with out the amazing support and hard work of EVERYONE involved and who supports our unique foundation.

It was an honour to make this phone call and let the family know that they have been selected as our 50th family, tears of joy at both ends of the phone. Knowing that we have made a difference to this family at a time that really does matter the most make everything we do worth while and more and we cant wait to make another 50 more phone calls to other inspirational families.

Due to the stressful time this family are currently facing, they have asked that we do not share their story at this time but want everyone to know that they could not be more grateful for our support and thank each and everyone who has made this possible.