The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Our very own Mr C visiting some amazing little ones...


Mr Cookie had a brilliant time at the Kayaks Summer Ball!!! They won our “Free Mr C Visit” earlier in the year and he certainly did have a ball!!!

This group is fantastic…the South Tyneside’s Kids & Young Adults Klub with Special Needs. “THE KAYAKS” is a voluntary run play session and support group for young people and their families in the North East of England. They offer free crafts, fun and recreational activities for special needs children, teenagers and young adults. They also provide practical help, support and advice from personal experience on “special needs” related subjects for Parents and carers.

Mr C made lots of new friends…. a lovely little girl who gave him the biggest hugs…some cool dude’s who loved taking selfie’s with Mr C and our very own Mayor and Mayoress of South Tyneside enjoyed a little squeeze off Mr C!

The Charlie Cookson Foundation were so pleased to bring some fun and laughter to this incredible charity’s special day.

We hope to see you all again xxx

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