The Charlie Cookson Foundation

walking to raise awareness


WOW!! What an amazing day at the Catherine Cookson Parade!!

Thank you to all our “Walkers” who joined in our opportunity to raise more awareness by waving our banners and wearing blue walking from the Town Hall to the Bents Park…well done to you all!

Huge Well Done to our Mr C who was just AWESOME lasting the whole journey waving to the crowd..the children loved seeing you (Please tag us if you had your photo taken with Mr C!)

It was (as always) very emotional hearing the crowds shout Charlie’s name with such excitement …he would of been flying over us the whole journey..beaming xxx

Thank you to our Volunteers on the CCF Stall, your time and effort is so very appreciated.

FANTASTIC TOTAL!!! Thank you to everyone who supported our CCF Stall yesterday…a whopping £206.68 was made!!!

Brilliant effort from our volunteers and our so very kind supporters xxx

Our supporters are simply amazing…well done to you all!

Love from The Charlie Cookson Foundation xxx

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