The Charlie Cookson Foundation


Today we are very proud and excited to announce to you all that we are now a LIMITED CHARITABLE GUARANTEE COMPANY/REGISTERED CHARITY!!!

Since the beginning of the Charlie Cookson Foundation back in November 2013 our unique foundation has achieved so much, growing bigger and stronger year by year. Throughout the last 2 and a half years as the unique foundation we are, we have achieved so many milestones and accomplishments that we are all so very proud of and this would not have been possible without the support of everyone around us both near and far to help make this happen.

In 2013/2014 we achieved our official charity number, supported 12 inspirational families, received 8000+ followers on social media, brought to you our very own charity logo with the launch of our new merchandise, raised thousands through the organisation of countless events with the support of 40+ businesses, opened our Charlie’s Shop at Perth Green CA along with 2 market stalls, became named charity of the year with many local company’s and more.

Then the beginning of 2015/2016 saw us venture into the New Year where we received numerous donations to help us succeed even further from many local businesses and supporters in order to contribute to all the work that we do here at CCF. One including an incredible £40,000 donation from Primula Cheese after being nominated by their company, we then moved into our very own office space, reached 11,000+ supporters on social media, became the chosen charity for even more local company’s, gave away £48,000 to families caring for children with life limiting conditions, 40+ shops selling our merchandise, the list is just endless.

Now as we become a LIMITED CHARITABLE GUARANTEE COMPANY/REGISTERED CHARITY we wish to inform you of some of the changes to our foundation below:

• The Charlie Cookson Foundation Ltd NEW CHARITY NUMBER will be 1166538
• The Charlie Cookson Foundation Ltd NEW BANK DETAILS will be as follows:
Sort Code – 20 83 69
Account Number – 9396 1567
• We will also be releasing the details of our new website very soon.

We thank you all greatly for the remarkable support you have given to us up to this point and look forward to many many more achievements and milestones made with you all as we carry on in our journey towards making vital changes to even more families caring 24/7 for seriously ill children with life limiting conditions. Most importantly, we thank our Charlie, our inspiration, for guiding us the whole way and giving us the same strength and determination he always had to help more families all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

Please take just a few moments out of your day to see in true light exactly why the Charlie Cookson Foundation strive to achieve all we do for these families. Because of all the love and support you continue to give to us we have been able to relieve 28 remarkable families so far of the great financial burdens they feel when caring for a child with a life limiting condition. There really is no other place these families can turn but to the Charlie Cookson Foundation for the vital support, guidance and financial relief they so desperately need.

We now look forward to the future of THE CHARLIE COOKSON FOUNDATION LIMITED and bringing to you our very own shop in the town centre, even more events, supporting many more inspirational families and much much more to come…

Thank you all for your ever valued time, love and care towards the Charlie Cookson Foundation xxx