The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Our remarkable 20th CCF Family!!

Our remarkable 20th CCF Family!!!

Another amazing CCF Family!!!

Our most exciting time of the month……we are so pleased to tell you all that we have recently supported our incredible 20th CCF Family and this would not have been possible without the support from you all.

As a charity that knows only too well the daily struggles these families face….we offer all our CCF Families the option to remain anonymous. We respect their wishes greatly and our 20th CCF Family have wished to remain anonymous.

Although we can tell you that this family are so overwhelmed with emotions because of the support we have been able to give them and they thank each and every person who has donated towards the support they have received.

Much love and thanks to you all….another families financial burdens lifted allowing them the time to spend with their child making lots of very precious memories together as a family. It is very true to say that the best thing you can give your children is your time….and we give them the chance to do this by letting them take the time off work without the financial pressure.

We send lots of love and admiration to this family and welcome them with open arms into our ever growing CCF Family xxxx