The Charlie Cookson Foundation

£4500..... THANK YOU HAYS TRAVEL!!!!

4th Anniversary Ball Off To A Massive Head Start Thanks To Hays Travel !!!!

Hays Travel Foundation has recently donated and MASSIVE £4500 to CCF!!!

We will be using this grant to fund our upcoming 4th Anniversary Charity Ball, which is taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead on the 28th October 2017.

Every year our Foundation, around the date of the memory of our inspiration and namesake ‘Charlie Cookson’ celebrate what we have achieved to date. This event has grown each year and the numbers attending has doubled since our very first Anniversary Ball. Every year, we have managed to bring even more entertainment, surprise and more ‘WOW Factor’ than the previous year, 2017 is expected to be the best yet.

With great thanks to the generosity of The Hays Foundation we have been able to push the boundaries of this years 4th CCF Anniversary Ball, the funds received have gave us a huge head start on the funds we aim to raise on the evening. With all events comes cost, due to the funding we have received from Hays we are able to start our fundraising evening knowing the monies raised will go direct towards our target for the night….we are hoping to raise enough funds to support two CCF Families on the evening a total of £6000.00! The funds raised will directly pay the financial burdens of parents who care 24/7 or their sick child who is suffering a life limiting condition.