The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Once Up On A Time 5th Anniversary Ball

£17,878.33……….Amazing !

Once up on a time in a far away land, a magical gathering had been planned …….

And what a magical gathering it was from start to finish…….With and amazing £17,878.33 in the treasure chest at the end of the night !

The night was one of the most amazing nights for us, not only because we brought an incredible  amount of money into our foundation but because we were able to share with you all the pain and heartache that our inspirational families go through on a daily basis and to make you understand why we are all so passionate about why we do what we do. We were completely over whelmed by all of the love and support on the night from everyone and we can not thank you all enough for making the evening so special.

The night was full of every single emotion possible, from joy to laughter to heartbreak to pride…… you name it that emotion would have been felt at some point during the night. We just loved celebrating what we have achieved with you all and how we are growing from strength to strength and it was an honour for us to have some of CCF families there to share the evening with us.

It was a jam pact night from the off, with a performance for the 2nd year in a row from Britain’s Got Talent Star, Jamie Lee Harrison as well as entertainment from the fantastic Borderland who had the dance floor full and the room jumping. Abbie Burns left the whole room speechless following her dance performance to ‘Heaven needed you more’, not a dry eye in sight. We had raffles, auctions, games, magic mirror photo booth  and then our special midnight tribute to our very own Prince Charming, Charlie ! It was just amazing!

The Charlie Effect was well and truly spread, we could see it on each and every persons face  !

We had supporters new and old on the night and the comments and compliments that we have received are so heart warming to us, and reassuring to us that we achieved what we set out to do on the night.

‘Last night was a real eye opener for me ….. along with having an amazing night with amazing people, we got a 5 minute insight into life with a special needs child. Along with it being truly heart breaking to listen to, it helped us to understand that  a stressful day with our kids is nothing compared to what other parents have to deal with…..this 5 minute audio broke my heart to truly understand what our friends go through everyday’ ……….Kelly Armstrong, friends of one of our CCF families.


‘There does not seem to be words fitting for last nights Charlie Cookson Foundation Ball, it was fun, emotional, inspirational and utterly amazing. Learning what families go through and how the foundation helps people in a time of need…. Oh the hankies were out!’ ….. Angela Todd


‘On Saturday night I had the privilege of attending The Charlie Cookson Foundation Charity Ball. Such a fantastic night. Absolutely blown away by the charity but also the warmth, determination and motivation of the team.’………. Kate Anderson


We can not express enough how grateful we are to all of our CCF supporters we really could not do what we do with out you. You allow us to support families and take away some of the burdens that they face at their darkest of times.  £17,878.33 is just an unbelievably fantastic amount …….. THANK YOU!

Plans for next year are already underway…….. We cant wait, hope to see you all there !