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Paige's Story

Our 1st CCF Family

Paige Evans – Our 1st CCF Family

Paige Tait, 22 months has been in and out of hospital since the day she was born.

This beautiful and courageous little girl was diagnosed with series of life limiting conditions including cerebral palsy with severe dystonia affecting her trunk and all four limbs, bilateral sensor neural hearing loss with cochlear implants, registered blind, severe dysphagia and gastroesophageal reflux requiring fundoplication and PEG feeding, focal epilepsy, breath holding requiring oxygen, global developmental delay, failure to thrive, disrupted sleep/wake cycle and infrequent episodes of bronchospasm.

Since being diagnosed, parents, Beth and Paul Tait have had to give up work to care for their daughter. The family has been through a great deal of worry and heart ache. After a number of tests, investigations and some very worrying intensive care admissions with the longest admission being five months, the family relocated to Sunderland to be closer to the hospital.

Beth, Paige’s mother said: “We would do anything for our daughter. We just want to spend as much time as possible with her. For once we don’t have to worry about money. We have spare money to do special things with Paige. The support we have received has been amazing.”

Sarah Cookson commented: “It is an absolute pleasure to help this brave and inspirational family. This is a momentous occasion for CCF and we hope our little angel will be shining down on each and every one of you who have helped us to support families like the Taits.”