The Charlie Cookson Foundation

How We Can Help

The Charlie Cookson Foundation (CCF) provides financial relief to parents/parent of seriously ill children who have a life limiting condition. We will directly pay your mortgage, rent, gas, electric provide food vouchers, petrol card, basically help with your day to day living expenses. We will cover a period of three months within our one payment budget. We understand how difficult life becomes when you have had to reduce your working hours or in fact leave your job/jobs as your child needs 24 hour care.

Please follow the guidelines below when completing our application form, we will respond to all applications within 8 weeks of receiving them, we financially support one family per month.

If we are unable to provide financial support we will advise on signposting to relevant agencies that may be able to offer support to your family.


* The parent’s/parent must provide around the clock care for their sick child

* The child attends respite/specialised schooling or full time care within a school environment

* One of the parents must have had to leave their job or reduce their working hours to care for their child

* The sick child must be diagnosed with a life limiting condition – confirmed in writing from a Medical Professional

* Applicants can only apply once within any twelve month period

* The age limit for the sick child is up to and including 16 years old

* All information provided must be accurate and correct

All medical supporting letters, most recent three month’s bank statements of all bank accounts and proof of bills must be provided.

Please note that your application might not be successful immediately, however you may fit the above criteria. As we fund one family per month your application will be kept on file for review by the board of trustees every three months. You will be informed of this at the initial stages, please keep us up to date with your circumstances. At each review we will request up to date bank statements.

If you are a parent of a seriously ill child and feel you could benefit from financial support, please download a copy of our Application form . Applications should be received before the 10th day of each month for consideration. Please note, we will respond within eight weeks of receiving your application. You can find full guidelines on applying here.

Mammy’s and Daddy’s need to be able to care for their poorly child, without worrying about paying their bills. The Charlie Cookson Foundation will help to relieve some of that financial pressure so parents can focus on supporting the needs of their brave child. Sarah Cookson, Founder of the Charlie Cookson Foundation