The Charlie Cookson Foundation

Charlies Story

Charlie had to endure regular hospital treatment for muscle and bone problems and suffered from a blood disorder, which compromised his immune system.

During Christmas 2011, he caught respiratory syncytial virus, which turned septic. He was admitted into intensive care,

ccf6 but he pulled through. In early 2012, Charlie was admitted to hospital a further four times due to breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and infection. An EEG scan showed that Charlie also had epilepsy.

By November 2012, Charlie’s seizures were increasing. He endured a brain biopsy, lumber puncture and skin biopsy all of which failed to find a diagnosis. Charlie then suffered a collapsed lung meaning he would now require oxygen 24/7.

In April 2013, Charlie was given the South Tyneside Child of Courage Award and appeared to be stabilising. However in July 2013, Charlie caught a c-diff infection of the gut and was once again seriously ill. Charlie got home in September 2013, but it was only a short time before he was admitted into hospital again due to his seizures, which didn’t stop even when he was sleeping.

As his family worried and continued to do everything they could to help him, Charlie continued to struggle. His eyes looked so tired and this mystery progressive disease finally took its hold of this courageous little boy. Sarah and Christopher Cookson’s beloved Charlie passed away at 8.15pm on 29th October 2013.

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