The Charlie Cookson Foundation

The Charlie Cookson Foundation was created in 2013

after Charlie’s parents spent two and half years fighting for a better quality of life for their son.charlies-story

Sarah and Christopher Cookson had to reduce their working hours to care for Charlie full-time and know only too well how difficult it can be coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life on top of caring for a seriously ill child.
When their worst nightmare came true and Charlie passed away, they set up the Charlie Cookson Foundation in his honour to offer financial support to families of children with serious illnesses.

Mission Statement

The Charlie Cookson Foundation provides financial support to the parents of seriously ill children with life limiting conditions which require 24 hour nursing care or specialist nursing facilities.
The Foundation raises awareness of the difficulties faced by parents and carers who care for seriously ill children and strives to improve the quality of life of sick and seriously ill children by providing information, advice and support.
They have established strong working relationships with professionals working in local hospitals to ensure that the needs and wishes of parents, carers and children are heard and considered

The objects of the Foundation are:

* providing financial support to families with a child with a life-limiting condition which requires 24 hour nursing care or specialist facilities so that the            parents or carers may help care for the child
* providing support, information, guidance and advice to these families
* working with professionals in local hospitals to help establish and meet the needs of these families
* raising public awareness of the difficulties faced by parents and carers in these families
* providing a further financial grant to the parents previously supported upon bereavement of their sick child, addressing their financial burdens at                this time